Wound EssentialsWound Essentials 9 (1)

Wound Essentials 9 (1)

Acute wounds, Complex wounds, Leg Ulcers, Wellbeing and concordance

Wound Essentials 9 (1)Providing wound care knowledge for the everyday clinician

Included in this issue:


Acute wounds

  • How does hypergranulation tissue work?
  • Ten top tips for patient management of surgical wounds
  • Pain management in acute wounds — ten top tips
  • Skin grafts — the surgical help in wound healing
  • Choosing the appropriate dressing: Alginate and Hydrofiber®

Chronic wounds

  • Flexion contractures in the older person
  • Pressure ulcers: avoidable versus unavoidable in primary care — an update for 2014
  • When is a leg ulcer not a leg ulcer?

Skin care

  • Root cause analysis related to pressure damage
  • Using continence assessment and actions to preserve skin integrity

General wound care

  • Nutritional assessment of people with wounds
  • Pressure-redistributing mattresses: when and where are they appropriate?
  • Collaborative working in the community setting to reduce pressure ulcers
  • Four case studies examining the use of ADERMA™ and the impact it has on patient wellbeing