Wound EssentialsWound Essentials 8 (2)

Wound Essentials 8 (2)

Acute wounds, Complex wounds, Leg Ulcers, Wellbeing and concordance

Wound Essentials 8 (2) Providing wound care knowledge for the everyday clinician











Included in this issue:


Acute wounds

  • Choosing the appropriate dressing: Hydrogels and sheets
  • Using maggots to clean wounds
  • Skin tears: An introduction to STAR


Chronic wounds

  • Compression therapy for venous leg ulceration: Part 3 – multilayer bandaging
  • The leg ulcer: A shared approach
  • Venous leg ulcers: Don't forget the skin
  • Self-care of the at-risk diabetic foot


Skin care

  • Barrier products and their purpose
  • Key recommendations from the best practice statement on the care of the older person's skin
  • Categorising pressure ulcers: Getting it right


General wound care

  • Back to Basics: Correct bandaging
  • Back to Basics: Correct leg elevation for the oedematous limb
  • Debridement consensus: Recommendations for practice
  • Living day-to-day with a heavily exudate wound: Recommendations for practice
  • Meeting Report
  • Product Profiles