Wound EssentialsTen top tips for everyday foot-care conundrums

Ten top tips for everyday foot-care conundrums

Assessment and diagnosis | Karl Guttormsen, Paul Chadwick

The population of the UK is around 64 million and the average person takes between 7,000–13,000 steps per day (Tudor-Locke et al, 2011). In a typical lifetime, our feet will take us more than 4 times around the circumference of the planet. It is perhaps little wonder that 20% of adults are reported to have experienced foot pain within the past month and 60% within the past 6 months (Garrow et al, 2004). Being able to identify, treat and educate patients about the most common foot problems is key to keeping them ambulatory and, in the ‘at risk’ populous, preventing disaster. The conditions discussed in this article are most often the usual culprits of patient complaints.