Wound EssentialsJuxta CURES™: when is it appropriate?

Juxta CURES™: when is it appropriate?

Leg Ulcers | Gwen Lawrence

Compression therapy is the optimum treatment for venous leg ulcers (Nelson, 2011). Through case study evidence, this article challenges the view that the current ‘gold standard’ bandaging technique is the most clinically or cost-eḀective treatment and suggests that Juxta CURES™ (medi UK) could be used as a ᴀrst-line approach for compression therapy. the application of therapeutic compression bandaging is difficult and requires specialist knowledge and skill. Many practitioners fail to apply bandages in an eḀective, competent manner. Using an innovative compression therapy system could eliminate the difficulties experienced with traditional compression methods due to its ease of application and ability to apply and sustain accurate compression at the desired level.