Wound EssentialsCost-effective management of wound exudate

Cost-effective management of wound exudate

Exudate Management, Products | Simon Barrett

This clinical evaluation explores the complex challenges involved in managing exudate as part of a holistic wound treatment plan. The benefits of using Kliniderm® (Aria Medical) superabsorbent dressings for patients, nurses and the National Health Service (NHS) will be explained in this article. Quality and cost-effective outcomes will be considered, comparing the test dressing to two well-established Trust formulary superabsorbent dressings. As part of the evaluation, a simple questionnaire assessed nine dressing changes per patient and established feedback that reflected positively in favour of the Kliniderm superabsorbent dressing. A cost analysis was done by comparing data collected over a 3-month period during which Kliniderm superabsorbent dressings were not used with data compiled over 3 months during which only the test dressings were used.