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  1. Skin Protection Quick Guide
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    The skin can come into contact with fluids such as sweat, exudate, and urine and/or faeces. If fluid contact occurs for any sustained period, the epidermis’s outer-layer cells absorb fluid and swell, making skin weaker and less elastic, and more susceptible...

  2. Quick Guide: Exudate Management
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    Effective exudate management can promote healing, improve quality of life and enhance healthcare effectiveness. Absorbent products vary in the materials they are made from and in their ability to manage exudate. Knowing how they manage fluid is key to selecting...

  3. Quick guide: debridement
    Quick guide: debridementVIEW PDF

    This quick reference guide is based on the recent consensus on debridement and includes a checklist for debridement, debridement pathway and step by step guide.