Quick Guide

  1. Quick Guide: Exudate management: Optimising the wound bed
    Quick Guide: Exudate management: Optimising the wound bed VIEW PDF

    Effective exudate management is an essential component of wound healing. The aims of management are to remove excess exudate from the wound and surrounding skin, reduce risk of infection and avoid complications. This quick guide focuses on the Cutimed Sorbion...

  2. Quick Guide: Role of emollients and skin integrity
    Quick Guide: Role of emollients and skin integrity VIEW PDF

    One of the main functions of skin is to act as a protective barrier. Dry skin is multifactorial and is associated with a loss of water from the stratum corneum. The skin barrier may be disrupted in the ageing older person. Emollients are substances that leave...

  3. Quick Guide: Granulox - topical haemoglobin
    Quick Guide: Granulox - topical haemoglobinVIEW PDF

    This Quick Guide focuses on the role of oxygen in wound healing and how wounds low in oxygen fail to heal. Topical haemoglobin (Granulox) can help to stimulate wound healing by transporting ambient oxygen to the wound bed. The evidence base for using Granulox...

  4. Quick Guide: Innovations in Pressure Redistribution
    Quick Guide: Innovations in Pressure RedistributionVIEW PDF

    This Quick Guide focuses on the assessment of at risk areas and the implementation of innovative strategies for prevention of heel pressure ulcers. In particular, it looks at how design can aid pressure redistribution for improved care.

  5. Quick Guide: Mepilex XT
    Quick Guide: Mepilex XTVIEW PDF

    Mepilex XT is a soft, conformable foam dressing designed to transfer exudate rapidly into the absorbent foam pad. Safetac technology seals the wound edges, preventing leakage and subsequent periwound maceration, while minimising the risk of pain and wound...

  6. Quick Guide: Managing high-viscocity exudate
    Quick Guide: Managing high-viscocity exudateVIEW PDF

    Managing high-viscosity exudate is not the same as managing high-volume exudate. To help clinicians better assess patients, define exudate and choose an appropriate dressing, this Quick Guide presents a new decision-making pathway that incorporates the principles...

  7. Quick Guide: Nanova Therapy System
    Quick Guide: Nanova Therapy System VIEW PDF

    The Nanova Therapy System enhances an easy-to-use, absorbent dressing by combining it with negative pressure wound therapy, to aid in the effective management of hard-to-heal wounds. This Quick Guide describes the use of Nanova Therapy System (including patient...

  8. Quick guide: Octenilin® range
    Quick guide: Octenilin® range VIEW PDF

    Effective cleansing is a basic principle of modern wound management and is part of the process of wound bed preparation (WBP). The octenilin range of solutions for effective cleansing provides a means by which to achieve all-important WBP. With a decision-making...

  9. Leg Ulcer Quick Guide
    Leg Ulcer Quick GuideVIEW PDF

    A one-size-fits-all approach no longer suits practice. Using a holistic approach to treat the patient helps address the issues that impede optimised outcomes and cost minimisation. This Quick Guide provides a practical tool for selecting the most appropriate...

  10. Selecting Compression Quick Guide
    Selecting Compression Quick GuideVIEW PDF

    This Quick Guide examines at the patient and clinical factors, and the therapy goals to determine the most appropriate therapeutic compression choice for for each patient. Hosiery and bandaging types are delineated, and tips for optimising concordance are...