Quick GuideACTIFORMCOOL: Managing wound pain

ACTIFORMCOOL: Managing wound pain

Exudate Management, Wellbeing and concordance

ACTIFORMCOOL: Managing wound painWound-related pain can be all-encompassing and one of the most devastating aspects of living with a wound, impacting wellbeing and quality of life. Wherever possible, it is important to manage wound pain, implementing a plan to reduce or eliminate pain. ActiFormCool is an ionic sheet hydrogel suitable for a variety of wound types, that is particularly useful for pain relief and debridement. It cools inflamed tissue and bathes nerve endings to manage pain throughout the period of wear, and stimulates autolytic debridement through moisture optimisation. ActiFormCool optimises moist wound healing by dynamically responding to moisture levels, donating moisture or absorbing exudate to create and maintain the optimal moist wound environment.