NewsUrgo Foundation: DFU Award 2015

Urgo Foundation: DFU Award 2015

Professional Development

Urgo Foundation: DFU Award 2015The Urgo Foundation diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) award is granted every year to health care professionals who have innovative ideas, initiatives and practices for the prevention and management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Projects may be submitted by any healthcare professional working in the field, for instance, specialists, clinicians, or multidisciplinary teams. Proposed projects may focus on the prevention or the management of the pathology, in particular:

  • infection management
  • post-amputation physical therapy
  • wound debridement
  • first-line dressing choice (recommendations, protocols, use, etc.)
  • caregiver training
  • management of the patient, the wound and comorbidities
  • improvement of patient compliance
  • epidemiological data and healthcare networks

Projects can be submitted from the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

A grant of £20,000 is awarded by Urgo Medical to the winner at Wounds UK in Harrogate and Urgo offer ongoing support and advice throughout the project. The applicants submit their applications to Urgo, who then short list three or four applicants to present infront of the board. The panel include Jill Cundell, Joanne McCardle, Professor Edmonds and Paul Chadwick. This year Urgo were overwhelmed with submissions and it was decided that the grant would be split between two projects. Alexandra Whalley, Advanced Podiatrist Diabeties from Bolton Foundation Trust was awarded £10,000 for her project entitled "Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Back to Basics". Paul Chadwick, Consultant Podiatrist Salford Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust stated "Alex is tackling a significant problem in diabetic foot disease the increasing number of ulcerations and subsequent amputations, by reviewing not the end point of amputation but focussing on the ulceration at the catastrophic event it is and looking at the journey to ulceration. This audit /critical review will provide evidenc that will impact nationally on how our foot care services are structured and delivered.

Martin Fox, Vascular Specialist Podiatrist for Manchester Leg Circulation Service, Pennine Acute Trust, was also awarded £10,000 for his project; Empowering Patients and Clinicians to Save More Limbs and Lives".  Paul Chadwick also commented that "Martin shows such passion about the area, reducing mortality and impacting on patient's outcomes. It is a key part in a wider strategy to raise awareness of the risk of cardiovascular complications and foot ulceration. It impacts on the practice of podiatrists encouraging them to focus not just for the hole in the foot but the whole of the patient".

Up until last year the Urgo Foundation award was open to any clinical or research project, from 2014 it was adapted to focus specifically on DFU. The 2013 winner Nikki Stubbs, Clinical Pathway Leeds Community Wound Prevention and Management Service, was awarded £20,000 to undertake a new study looking at the impact of pressure ulcers on paralympians. The money allowed the trust to work with the British Paralympic Association and athletes who compete in wheelchairs to help improve their performance and minimise the impact pressure ulcers have on their training and personal life.

Applications for the Urgo Foundation Award are now being welcomed. If you would like to apply, please visit to download the application form. All submissions must be received before July 31 2015.