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URGENT Veteran Support Required

Acute wounds

URGENT Veteran Support RequiredWoundcare4Heroes is desperately seeking support to help a veteran of our armed “special” forces to walk again. In 2000 at the age of 24 this veteran sustained a devastating crush injury during battlefield action. Following 12 years of numerous surgeries to save the leg this veteran, at the age of 36 had to make the ultimate decision to undergo limb amputation. Rehabilitation went well and a prosthetic limb was fitted but due to stump complications the prosthetic limb would not stay in place and simply fell off every time walking was attempted.

The veteran was referred for tests and a decision made that the only hope of ever wearing a prosthetic limb and walking again was through undergoing a procedure called “osseniointegration” where a prosthetic attachment is surgically inserted into the residual limb allowing the prosthetic attachment to anchor onto this.  This is currently not a routine procedure within our NHS, nor is there a funding stream available within the NHS for veterans to undergo this surgery.  The cost of this surgery exceeds 100K to be performed in a UK hospital, for which the GP applied for funding some 18 months ago.
During the past 18 months this veteran has been confined to home, unable to maintain any work, experiences deteriorating mental health status due to the situation and is also only able to mobilise on crutches or spend time in a wheelchair which increases the risk of more wound related problems.
The most important issue is that of safeguarding veterans so they are able to access ongoing prosthetic replacement support from our NHS in the future and as such it is important that the surgery is performed in the UK.
Please help us to give a veteran his life back ……….