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Reduce your mattress replacement costs at audit

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Reduce your mattress replacement costs at auditLast September saw the launch of Invacare’s ‘Strikethrough Resistant Technology’ (SRT) fabric, available on a selection of mattresses in the range. Invacare’s renowned for its Softform range of mattresses which provide a high level of comfort, support and most importantly pressure reduction for patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers or for those recovering from pressure damage.

With healthcare budgets getting tighter and patient care remaining a primary focus, the cost of healthcare equipment is high on everyone's agenda. Patients need to be nursed with the correct equipment but it needs to be cost effective for the provider.

A 12 month trial took place prior to the launch in September in Wales and Scotland and an audit was conducted at the end of the period. The results showed less than 1% failure compared to the national average of 35%*.

This has saved the trusts involved in the trial a lot of money on replacing damaged mattresses giving them confidence SRT prolongs the life of their mattress.

Detailed information on the successful trials that took place in two large UK trusts in 2011-2012 can be found in the document entitled 'Product Evaluation: 'Strikethrough Resistant Technology' SRT'.

Invacare has also partnered with Dartex Coatings to put together a Strikethrough Resistant Technology Technical Bulletin. The booklet contains information on the research and development that went into the development of SRT, looking at the testing and superb results of the fabric that makes it the most durable surface material in Dartex's 41 year history.

Both documents can be downloaded from, however, if you would like hard copies of the documents, please call Customer Services on 01656 776222 and quote the following part numbers:

Product Evaluation: Strikethrough Resistant Technology' SRT -1556570

Strikethrough Resistant Technology Technical Bulletin -1557141

For a demonstration of the Strikethrough Resistant Technology or for more information on how it can save you money, please contact your local Invacare Business Development Manager or call Customer Services on 01656 776222.

*Please note the figure of 35% has been taken from analysis of Invacare audits that have taken place over the past 5 years.

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