NewsPressure ulcer survey seeks treatment opinions

Pressure ulcer survey seeks treatment opinions

18/09/12 | Complex wounds, Pressure Ulcers, Research

Pressure ulcer survey seeks treatment opinionsThe James Lind Alliance Pressure Ulcer Partnership (JLAPUP) is taking a survey to assess what research clinicians believe needs to be carried out in pressure ulcer treatment, care and prevention.

The questionnaire is seeking participants' opinions on how relevant specific treatment and prevention topics are for further research. The questions are not evidence-based and do not have right or wrong answers. For example, if a question is raised about turning frequencies, it aims to find out how important research on that subject is to clinicians.

'We think it is vital that any further research into the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers should focus on questions that are important to people with, or at risk of pressure ulcers, the people who care for them and the health professionals (doctors and nurses) who treat and help prevent these ulcers,' said Robert Morley, Project Support Officer.

To take the survey, click here.

For more information on the JLAPUP, click here.