NewsPodiatrists in the UK may acquire prescribing rights

Podiatrists in the UK may acquire prescribing rights

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Podiatrists in the UK may acquire prescribing rightsIt will now be easier and more efficient for patients to receive pain-killers and anti-inflammatory medications due to a new act which proposes to give podiatrists and physiotherapists the right to give out prescriptions.

Health minister, Lord Howe, announced the potential legislation commenting that 'physiotherapists and podiatrists are highly trained clinicians who play a vital role in ensuring patients receive integrated care that helps them recover after treatment or manage a long-term condition successfully.'

Once trained and approved by the Health Professions Council (HPC), as well as annotated on the HPC register, UK podiatrists and physiologists will gain this right.

'Independent prescribing provides podiatrists with the opportunity to deliver more flexible services for patients - ensuring timely access to medicines, care closer to home and enabling innovation,' said Alison Wishart, Chair of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

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Image: 'The Choreography of Walking', by Ghislaine Howard, was inspired by the work of the University of Salford's podiatry department. Credit: University of Salford on Flickr.