NewsNICE recommends trial for promising wound healing device

NICE recommends trial for promising wound healing device

Complex wounds, Leg Ulcers

NICE recommends trial for promising wound healing device The MIST™ Therapy system was recognised as a potential wound-healing system by NICE in 2011 and will begin trials on patients with leg ulcers to verify its nationwide adoption.

The therapy system uses a continuous saline mist, which delivers low-intensity ultrasound waves to the base of the wound. The ultrasonic energy encourages tissue regeneration and removes dead tissue and bacteria. Although there is not enough evidence to recommend the technology for its nationwide adoption yet, NICE believes it shows promise. This will be the first trial resulting from  NICE recommendations that will generate evidence for medical devices and diagnostics. 

'We're delighted to have received the go-ahead to start the trial on MIST, the medical device which may improve wound healing in hard-to-heal ulcers,' said Keith Harding, Chief Investigator, Wound Healing Research Unit, Cardiff University. 'There is a small amount of evidence to suggest that ulcers treated with MIST will heal more quickly than those having usual treatment; this trial will enable us to generate more independent evidence to show if this is actually the case. The results will then help NICE when it comes to review the original guidance, in deciding whether patients with chronic wounds would benefit from being treated using MIST.'


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Image: The MIST™ Therapy system. Credit: Celleration Inc.