NewsNICE guidance supports the use of Debrisoft

NICE guidance supports the use of Debrisoft

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NICE guidance supports the use of DebrisoftNICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has recommended the use of Activa Healthcare’s Debrisoft monofilament debridement pad in the management of acute and chronic wounds. The NICE guidance supports the case that Debrisoft provides both patient benefits and cost savings to the NHS.

NICE has concluded that Debrisoft can improve the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. Debrisoft is a debridement pad which facilitates rapid debridement and wound assessment.


The NICE committee concluded that Debrisoft:

  • is more effective at debridement than the current practice of using hydrogel or other autolytic dressings and irrigating wounds with saline or gentle cleansing with gauze.
  • gives quicker debridement, allowing earlier visibility of the wound bed and therefore better management of the wound
  • may reduce pain associated with debridement
  • enables faster treatment
  • results in less frequent and fewer overall care visits
  • reduces risk of trauma to healthy tissue and reduces bleeding
  • reduces overall number of wound dressings used 
  • contributes to overall cost savings compared with current practices

The NICE guidance cost calculator estimates that using Debrisoft within the community can save the NHS up to £484 per patient for complete debridement of a wound, compared to current standard management. 

Trudie Young, Director of Education and Training at the Welsh Wound Innovation Center and a member of the expert panel working with NICE, said: "The NICE guidance provides evidence that Debrisoft is a cost effective method of wound management, it is also convenient and easy to use.

Simon Barrett, Tissue Viability Specialist commented: "Over time dressings evolve and improve on existing technology. It's not often that something comes along which revolutionises practice like Debrisoft. Debrisoft gives the practitioner the opportunity to provide optimum care by improving how we treat the wound bed and care for skin".

Alex Browning, Senior Product Manager at Activa Healthcare commented: "NICE is the independent body responsible for driving improvement and excellence in the health and social care system. So we're thrilled that Debrisoft has received such a positive acknowledgment from NICE."


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