News‘Newer’ antiseptics and antiseptic wound dressings may offer benefits

‘Newer’ antiseptics and antiseptic wound dressings may offer benefits

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‘Newer’ antiseptics and antiseptic wound dressings may offer benefitsReview in infection control journal examines evidence for variety of topical antimicrobials.

A new review looks at the recent evidence on the safety, toxicity, microbiology and the prevention and management of acute and chronic wound infections with regard to antiseptics and antiseptic wound dressings. The author specifically focuses on 'newer' antimicrobial dressings, such as medical-grade honey, polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB), ionic silver and silver nylon dressings.

"There is some evidence from preliminary studies that [these topical antimicrobials] might offer benefit in the prevention of surgical site infections," the author writes. However, "Better clinical trials on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of wound dressings are needed to ensure evidence-based guidance is developed for optimizing the treatment of patients."

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