NewsNew initiative makes wound care dressing selection easier

New initiative makes wound care dressing selection easier

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Leading Global Medical Devices Company BSN medical Ltd launched 'Iconic Wound Care' at last year's national Wounds UK Conference, Harrogate 15-17th Nov 2010.

There is now a new way for clinicians to decide on the most effective products to dress their patients’ wounds with. In a sector costing the NHS over £250m in the UK alone, BSN medical has launched Iconic Wound Care, a collection of bold and easy to use icons, to help choose the right dressings for patients, simplifying patient care and helping to prevent product misuse. The unique combinations of symbols are prominently printed on the packaging of BSN advanced wound care products, giving clear indications of what wound types the product should be used for.

Centering on three key categories – wound bed tissue type, wound depth and wound fluid (exudate) level the icons are the main feature of the BSN stand at Wounds UK and also appear on the product literature and on product guide reference tools. At Wounds UK the team will demonstrate that the challenges of healing wounds often means meeting the needs of these three key areas.

BSN Iconic Wound Care centres on the Cutimed range of Advanced Wound Care products and has evolved from years of experience working with clinicians across Europe to enhance their product portfolio, ensuring that patients and clinicians needs are met. The result? - Innovative wound management ranges for all phases of wound healing in a well explained therapy approach.

Helen Phillips, Wound Care Business Unit Manager at BSN medical said: “With so many product options to consider it can be confusing and time consuming for nurses to make sure they use the right products at the right time for their patients. Iconic Wound Care aims to make this choice simpler and easier, ensuring patient’s needs are met and products are not used inappropriately or unnecessarily”.

As well as Advanced Wound Care, BSN medical also has expertise in the fields of Orthopaedic, Compression and Lymphology therapy areas, with all portfolios aiming to offer the NHS affordable quality.

For more information or to request an interview, please contact Helen Phillips at or on 01482 670100