NewsNew dressing size available for Mepilex

New dressing size available for Mepilex

Skin integrity

New dressing size available for MepilexMölnlycke Health Care have announced a line extension to the established Mepilex range of dressings in the shape of a 5x5cm size.

Mepilex 5x5cm is now available on Drug Tariff and has also been listed on the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue.

Mepilex is an absorbent polyurethane foam dressing with Safetac technology designed for a wide range of exuding wounds such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and traumatic wounds.

Mepilex has Safetac technology a patented adhesive which is clinically proven to reduce pain and trauma at dressing change [1,2]. Safetac conforms to the skin's uneven surface which seals the wound margins thereby minimising maceration. In a survey involving 3034 patients, 93% preferred Mepilex with Safetac technology compared to other advanced dressings [1].



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