NewsNeoheal Hydrogel Dressing From Laser Physics

Neoheal Hydrogel Dressing From Laser Physics

Burns, Leg Ulcers, Skin integrity

Neoheal Hydrogel Dressing From Laser PhysicsNeoheal is a transparent, but flexible. hydrogel dressing from Laser Physics. It is indicated the treatment of a range of wound types, including chronic ulcers, burns and paediatric skin injuries.

The dressing provides a moist wound environment, helping to assist with autolytic debridement and promotion of granulation tissue for faster wound healing. It is easy to apply, conformable and, unlike traditional dressings, it does not adhere to the wound bed, allowing pain-free removal.

Neoheal can also be used for dermatalogical and aesthetic procedures, and is suitable for use with many laser systems to provide the following:

• Gentle cooling of the skin

• Optimal visibility of the target structures

• Accurate, clean contact between the skin and the laser head

• Protection against splatters and fumes caused by the laser.


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