NewsLaunch of Allpresan® Diabetic Foot Cream for heel to toe protection

Launch of Allpresan® Diabetic Foot Cream for heel to toe protection

Diabetic foot ulcers

Launch of Allpresan® Diabetic Foot Cream for heel to toe protection Neubourg Pharma UK has announced the launch of Allpresan Diabetic Foot Foam Cream. This has been clinically formulated to treat and prevent dry cracked skin and calluses on diabetic feet.

Allpresan® Diabetic Foam Cream is Class 2a medical device and can be used as part of a skin care regimen to reduce dry skin, cracks and the build up of hard skin and calluses, and to protect against infection and ulceration.

Allpresan® contains a patented breathable formula together with urea, Pentavitin® and panthenol. When the foam is applied it forms a two dimensional protective mesh on the skin.

Key benefits include:

  • Allpresan® foam cream is recommended for use between the toes, unlike conventional creams, helping to protect against the risk of infection in this area
  • It can be used on the whole foot and around any wound edges
  • Moisture continues to increase for up to 8 hours so the skin does not dry out between applications
  • The foam is rapidly absorbed, without leaving an unpleasant greasy film
  • It lasts twice as long as conventional creams and ointments, and is economical when treating feet daily.
  • It is easy to apply and spread due to its airy consistency, ensuring an even skin coverage.

Initial patient feedback has been positive, with 80% of patients preferring Allpresan® over conventional creams and ointments.

Allpresan® Diabetic Foam Cream is available in two presentations:

  • Allpresan® INTENSIVE 10% urea for very dry to cracked skin at risk of infection and ulceration in patients with diabetes.   
  • Allpresan® BASIC 5% urea is a preventative treatment for dry, sensitive and parchment-like foot skin in patients with diabetes.    

Both products are available in 35ml and 125ml sizes with a RRP of £4.99 and £10.99 respectively.

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