NewsInnovative pressure-redistributing mattress wins business award

Innovative pressure-redistributing mattress wins business award

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Innovative pressure-redistributing mattress wins business award A new type of mattress, which is designed to prevent heel wounds, has won an award. South Wales-based Direct Healthcare Services teamed up with The Welsh Wound Innovation Centre to design and manufacture a product to help reduce the huge cost of pressure wounds. The resulting mattress, the Dyna-Form Static Air HZ, won the New Product Award at the second annual Insider Media Business and Education Partnership Awards this month.

Approximately 20% of hospital patients develop pressure ulcers, and at an annual cost of £2 billion to the NHS, they are regarded as the most expensive chronic wound in the healthcare system.

Most current high-specification foam mattresses do not have a specific area to protect the vulnerable heel area, and add-on equipment and significant nursing time may be needed to prevent heel wounds in hospital patients.

Direct Healthcare Services, which manufactures specialist products to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers, partnered with the Llantrisant-based Welsh Wound Innovation Centre to develop a new product last year. Launched in November 2014, the Dyna-Form Static Air HZ is designed to combat heel wounds with a built-in 'air only' heel zone, which offloads pressure from the heels and eases patient comfort.

Stuart McAllister, European Sales Director, said the company was "delighted and proud" to have won the award, which recognises collaboration between companies, universities and colleges. He said: "As well as having a positive economic impact on the growth of the company, helping us to employ more people, the new mattress is already making a positive difference to the care delivered by healthcare professionals to patients. It is also rewarding to know that vital NHS resources and nursing time have been released back into front-line patient care as a result of its introduction."

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