NewsHoney dressings heal without the sting

Honey dressings heal without the sting


Honey dressings heal without the stingA new range of honey dressings, made with gentle, second-generation honey, have been shown to have minimal sting effect when applied to wounds.

Ideal Medical Solutions honey products are designed to be gentle on wounds. This newly patented formula has a proven antimicrobial effect and provides a unique combination of medical grade honey with an ozonated vegetable oil, offering patient comfort together with rapid debridement. Ideal Medical Solutions products include Melladerm, Melladerm Plus and Melloxy.

'Medical honey is an effective wound dressing agent being particularly useful for patients with infected wounds,' one tissue viability nurse who used Melladerm Plus said.  'Unfortunately, some patients experience pain when the honey is initially applied and for some the pain can be so severe that treatment has to be discontinued. With this in mind and with patient consent Melladerm PLUS was applied to a patient with a large chronic leg ulcer. The patient reported no pain on application or during the initial post dressing period.'

Melladerm and Melladerm Plus are available on UK Drug Tariff.

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