NewsFrontier Medical Group acquires Genie Care Ltd

Frontier Medical Group acquires Genie Care Ltd

Pressure Ulcers, Products

Frontier Medical Group acquires Genie Care LtdFrontier Medical Group (Frontier), the specialist medical device manufacturer, joins forces with Genie Care in an acquisition that sees Frontier broaden its portfolio and continue its investment in products used in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers - particularly with Genie Care’s ToTo product.

ToTo is a patented product that is recognised as a revolution in helping clinicians and carers in the moving and handling of patients.  The unique turning platform is placed under any existing mattress and designed to gently move patients at regular intervals, thus minimising the intervention of carers and offering a new approach to “Two Hourly” or “Night Time” turning.

The ToTo system was specifically designed to prevent pressure damage and improve patient comfort and has a proven record of success in recent years.  The addition of ToTo is complementary to Frontier’s existing Repose® range of pressure area care products, and will further help clinicians and carers deliver a proven care offering of clinically and cost effective products in both the acute and community settings.

According to the NHS Stop The Pressure research, 700,000 people in the UK are affected by pressure ulcers each year and between 80 to 95% of these cases are preventable using the recommended SSKIN bundle approach, which entails: Surface (ensuring patients have the right support); Skin inspection (early inspection can detect and prevent injuries); Keeping patients moving; Incontinence and moisture; and Nutrition and hydration.

Simon Jackson, Managing Director at Frontier Medical Group said: “This exciting acquisition allows us to offer more innovative solutions to clinicians around the word, helping them in their work to reduce the prevalence of pressure ulcers.  Pressure injury is a major issue in the global healthcare profession, and increasing our range of products will further allow Frontier to improve the lives of individuals who are at risk in both the acute and community settings.”

Frontier Medical Group is one of the leading suppliers of consumable products to healthcare providers in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Established in 1966, the group is an industry leader in providing affordable products to help patients avoid harm and currently employs more than 240 staff at its headquarters in Blackwood, South Wales.

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