NewsDr George W Cherry will be sadly missed.

Dr George W Cherry will be sadly missed.

Education | Suzie Calne

Dr George W Cherry will be sadly missed.It is with much sorrow that we write of the death of Dr George Cherry. His colleague Terence Ryan, Emeritus Professor of Dermatology, Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University, eloquently describes his contribution to wound healing in Oxford as ‘exceptional’. George was responsible for Oxford’s initiation and contribution to the development of significant wound dressings and to important societies concerned with tissue repair and regeneration.

My encounters with George have always been in association with the wound healing conferences and events he and his wife, Christine, organised.  He was a very memorable speaker with great originality and flare for delivering clinical information so that it was accessible to all. George always took time to welcome those attending the events he organised. His strong character and friendly manner made him totally unique. He has been pivotal in the creation of a solid and successful platform for the sharing of clinical information on a global scale that has helped move the speciality forward. He was a pioneer and a leader, injecting much needed academic energy into the field of wound healing. He will be sadly missed.