NewsDoes silver help to fight drug-resistant bacteria?

Does silver help to fight drug-resistant bacteria?


Does silver help to fight drug-resistant bacteria?How does silver work? A recent report by Dr Jose Morones-Ramirez, from Boston University in the US may shed some light on how silver fights bacteria.








The report in Science Translation Medicine highlights his latest research, which shows that:

  • Silver ions help to convert hydrogen peroxide into molecules called hydroxyl radicals, which appear to kill bacterial cells while leaving healthy cells unscathed.
  • For proteins to function correctly, they must be folded in the right way. The researchers showed that silver ions disrupt this process.
  • Silver seems to enable certain antibiotics to kill bacteria that have developed resistance to them. Unfortunately, nature is fighting back. Silver-resistant strains of at least two other bacterial species, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella typhimurium, have been isolated.

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