NewsCall for ‘Expressions of Interest’ from suppliers

Call for ‘Expressions of Interest’ from suppliers

Assessment and diagnosis

Kent Community NHS Trust are seeking to purchase and implement a wound medicine assessment and recording system.

Wound care is an ongoing challenge for the community nurse treating patients at home, given the complexity of wound care as well as the many factors affecting healing.

Appropriate assessment and care plans are essential to prevent or effectively treat wounds.
Wound assessments are completed in various locations across the Trust but mainly in the community, thin the patient's home: this can form up to 60% of community nursing activity.

Thorough assessment, correct diagnosis and good record keeping are essential to the treatment of wounds. Specific diagnosis of the underlying cause of the wound can be ascertained from clinical signs and appropriate investigations. Assessment should include identification of all factors that may delay healing. Other factors to assess include current care and local wound environment.

A wound assessment has two important purposes:

  1. To determine wound severity in order to predict rate of wound healing and develop a comprehensive plan of care.
  2. To act as a reliable outcome measure that can be used to assess the effectiveness of a given wound treatment regime.

A key parameter that should be included in a wound assessment is the measure of the wound extent. Several methods of determining wound size have been developed and validated including wound depth, surface area, length, width and volume. The tissue type of each wound also needs to be identified. This will require any successful system to have the ability to analyse accurately the percentage of granulation, slough and necrotic tissue.

A photographic (digital image capture) solution will need to form part of this assessment toolkit.

These assessments should be captured at the point of care and will therefore require a mobile solution to be available supported by a secure central storage solution.

Having a system in place, at the point of care can guide the clinician objectively through the assessment resulting in a more consistent approach to the overall assessment process. For the home care patient, accurate, thorough, and consistent wound assessment provides information about wound status and is critical for developing a treatment plan that supports healing. This approach contributes to the Trust's cost improvement programme (CIP), by providing a decision support tool for clinical staff, assist in the selection of dressing for the type of wound. Faster healing provides an improvement in patient outcome, patient experience and, logically, overall patient satisfaction.

This sets the context for a wound assessment and recording system required by Kent Community Health NHS Trust along with some of the key requirements.

The intention is that responses to this document will be examined to determine that any system proffered either meets the requirements as outlined or is able to demonstrate that it is on a development pathway that would deliver the complete package in a very short timeframe.

To express your interest in the project or for further information, please contact Eldon Macarthur via email at or phone at 01474 36058601474 360586.