NewsAccel-Heal is changing practice, changing lives and reducing costs

Accel-Heal is changing practice, changing lives and reducing costs

Leg Ulcers

Accel-Heal is changing practice, changing lives and reducing costsAccel-Heal is a compact (7cm x 4cm x 2cm), pre - programmed electrical chronic wound stimulation device used alongside standard dressings improves treatment outcomes and quality of life for patients with hard to heal venous leg ulcers.

Accel-Heal has been shown in clinical trials to improve the wounds of 95% of study patients with leg ulcers, with 38% healing completely. The trial reported a 60% reduction in level of oedema, 51.7% reduction in exudate levels, and a 69.8% reduction in pain.

Following independent health economics analysis it is estimated that Accel-Heal can save the NHS around £6.2million (cost per QALY of minus £7,696) when used alongside dressings as part of standard treatment plans and adopted nationally.

"Not only is Accel-Heal very easy to use for clinicians, it is also non invasive and extremely portable for the patients. The treatment results are outstanding. I have recently treated a patient with a chronic leg ulcer, of over two years. With Accel-Heal the ulcer healed completely within 16 weeks. Bearing in mind the very few contraindications, Accel-Heal should be considered as an early mainstream clinical intervention in order to improve outcomes for patients with leg ulcers." Liz Ovens, Tissue Viability Lead, London

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