NewsA film that doesn't strip the skin

A film that doesn't strip the skin

Skin integrity

A film that doesn't strip the skinMölnlycke Health Care are delighted to announce the launch of Mepitel Film, a new protective film dressing, which is ideal for superficial skin injuries and protection of fragile skin.

Unlike traditional adhesive film dressings, Mepitel Film with Safetac® technology is clinically proven to reduce pain and trauma* on removal. Mepitel Film avoids the unnecessary harm of epidermal skin cell stripping and can be used on patients with the most fragile and sensitive skin.

Mepitel Film can be used on a variety of conditions such as: burns, skin tears, category one and two pressure ulcers and also as a protective covering for sensitive skin.

Mepitel Film is available in a four sizes (6.5x7cm, 10.5x12cm, 10.5x25cm and 15.5x20cm) and is listed in the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue and also on Drug Tariff.

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*References available upon request