Making the CaseSoftform Premier Active 2 Making the Case

Softform Premier Active 2 Making the Case

Pressure Ulcers

Softform Premier Active 2 Making the CaseA cost-efficiency model was developed to overcome significant costs spent in one NHS Trust on rental of dynamic mattresses for pressure ulcer (PU) care. This model supports the use of Softform Premier Active 2 Hybrid Support Surface (Invacare) in the management of patients at risk of developing a PU and for those with existing pressure damage. This Making the Case presents the substanhas demonstrated substantial cost savings in a busy acute care hospital with over 600 beds, financing itself in the first year (£255,778 cost savings) and allowed for the provision of a new bariatric equipment facility. Over the next 7 years, the new bed and mattress management system is estimated to save the trust around £1.85m.

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