Made EasyTLC Dressings Made Easy

TLC Dressings Made Easy

Products | A McGrath, H Newton, J Trudgian, M Greenwood

TLC Dressings Made EasyThe normal wound healing process is fragile and can be interrupted at any stage, leading to a potential delay in wound closure. Dressings that incorporate a lipidocolloid (TLC) healing matrix can support and maintain a moist wound healing environment to aid this process. Studies have shown that when the TLC healing matrix comes into contact with the wound bed, it promotes fibroblast proliferation and synthesis of the extracellular matrix (critical in supporting normal wound healing), while minimising adherence of the dressing to newly formed tissue, reducing pain and improving quality of life. This made easy reviews how TLC dressings can be used to stimulate healing in a range of acute and chronic wounds.

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