Made EasyDressings for pressure ulcer prevention Made Easy

Dressings for pressure ulcer prevention Made Easy

Pressure Ulcers

Dressings for pressure ulcer prevention Made EasyA growing body of research suggests dressings are a useful, cost-effective addition to a holistic PU-prevention regimen. In particular, application of multi-layered soft silicone foam dressings for the prevention of sacral and heel PUs provides a statistically and clinically significant benefit. These dressings redistribute pressure and shear, reduce friction and manage superficial microclimate — the factors that lead to skin breakdown. Prophylactic dressings could save organisations and health systems a significant amount of money. Protocols for using dressings to aid PU prevention should be considered. This made easy reviews how dressings should be selected and used to prevent PUs, and provides tips for creating and implementing a PU-prevention programme that incorporates dressings.

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