Made Easy

  1. Made Easy: Management of self-harm wounds
    Made Easy: Management of self-harm woundsVIEW PDF

    People who SH are at risk of wound infection but do not always seek medical attention due to the stigma associated with the activity. This document provides practical information on the holistic approach to self-harm and associated wounds, and introduces the...

  2. Hydrotherapy Made Easy
    Hydrotherapy Made EasyVIEW PDF

    Rapid cleansing, early granulation and sustained epithelialisation are important requirements for efficient chronic wound healing. This Made Easy discusses HydroTherapy, an innovative approach to wound treatment where a two-step therapy harnesses optimised...

  3. Incontinence-associated dermatitis Made Easy
    Incontinence-associated dermatitis Made EasyVIEW PDF

    Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) has a significant impact on the lives of the patients it affects. It poses a major healthcare challenge: it is difficult and time-consuming to treat and is a well-documented risk factor for pressure ulcer development....

  4. Medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI): Made Easy
    Medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI): Made EasyVIEW PDF

    Medical adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI) is prevalent, under-recognised and preventable, and can occur in any patient group or setting. When superficial layers of skin are removed by medical adhesive, it not only affects skin integrity, but causes pain,...

  5. PHMB Made Easy
    PHMB Made EasyVIEW PDF

    Wound infection continues to be a challenging issue and represents a considerable healthcare burden. This Made Easy supplement outlines how bacterial bioburden can be managed effectively using polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB).

  6. Medihoney Dressings Products for Practice
    Medihoney Dressings Products for PracticeVIEW PDF

    Honey is an ancient remedy for the treatment of infected wounds and was first recognised as a topical antibacterial agent in 1892 (Molan, 2001). There are now many published reports describing the effectiveness of honey products in all phases of wound healing,...

  7. Ag Oxysalts Made Easy
    Ag Oxysalts Made EasyVIEW PDF

    Ag Oxysalts is an advanced silver technology that utilises silver in its most active state (Ag3+), acting quickly to kill bacteria and disrupt biofilms. This Made Easy outlines how Ag Oxysalts is different from other silver technologies and describes a unique...

  8. Prolevo Range Made Easy
    Prolevo Range Made EasyVIEW PDF

    Since pressure ulcers are cheaper to prevent than treat, there is a drive to minimise their occurrence through prevention initiatives. This Made Easy focuses on the Prolevo range of pressure relieving devices, which can be used as a part of a simple algorithm...

  9. Mepilex XT Made Easy
    Mepilex XT Made EasyVIEW PDF

    High-viscosity exudate is an area that has proved particularly challenging for clinicians. This Made Easy focuses on how appropriate dressing selection can assist in the management of exudate.

  10. Dressings for pressure ulcer prevention Made Easy
    Dressings for pressure ulcer prevention Made EasyVIEW PDF

    A growing body of research suggests dressings are a useful, cost-effective addition to a holistic PU-prevention regimen. In particular, application of multi-layered soft silicone foam dressings for the prevention of sacral and heel PUs provides a statistically...