Journal articlesWound metrology: strategies for achieving accuracy in wound measurement

Wound metrology: strategies for achieving accuracy in wound measurement

06/07/16 | Assessment and diagnosis | Michelle McHugh

Wound measurement has long been recognised as a valuable tool for aiding clinical wound assessment and treatment decisions. Many reviews have analysed various available wound measurement methods (Plassmann et al, 1994; Fette, 2006; Shaw et al, 2007). However, there is no single, standardised wound measurement technique that is quantifiable, objective, reproducible, affordable and practical. As such there is justification for the need of a clear and effective clinical wound measurement protocol that can be applied across all wound care settings. Through an understanding of some fundamental concepts of metrology (the science of measurement), this paper explores ways in which clinicians can improve the accuracy of wound measurement in practice and suggests that a robust wound measurement methodology could be established through translation of standardised metrological techniques from the field of engineering into the field of wound care.