Journal articlesWound management complicated by cellulitis: a patient’s experience

Wound management complicated by cellulitis: a patient’s experience

07/11/17 | Acute wounds, Wellbeing and concordance | Daniel Metcalf, Rachel Torkington-Stokes

Acute and chronic wounds place a huge burden on patients and healthcare settings, so the timely resolution of complications arising from infections such as cellulitis is important. The patient (an employee of ConvaTec Ltd) suffered a left shin insect bite that developed into cellulitis with systemic symptoms. Despite successful treatment of the cellulitis with intravenous antibiotics, a circumferential wound developed with local blistering and heavy colonisation suspected. Wound dressings were applied in the acute and community setting, but debridement was not conducted, and the wound deteriorated to necrosis. Excision and skin grafts were planned, but a protocol of care was initiated comprising sharp debridement and moistened AQUACEL® Ag+ Extra™ dressing. The dressing helped to manage bioburden, aided debridement and facilitated wound healing. Surgery and additional treatment costs were avoided, and the patient was discharged. This case study highlights the need for improved access to wound care technologies for all healthcare staff. Such access can improve patient experiences and outcomes while controlling the significant costs associated with wound care.