Journal articlesTwo clinical evaluations of the Repose system

Two clinical evaluations of the Repose system

01/09/06 | Pressure Ulcers, Products | Ann MacFarlane, Sue Sayer

Background: Pressure ulcer prevention is expensive and at times difficult to acheive within budget.

Objectives: Two evaluations of the Repose pressure ulcer prevention system were carried out concurrently in two centres across a wide range of acute clinical settings to establish cost-effectiveness, product durability and clinical efficacy.

Method: In one centre, patients in a 24-bed orthopaedic ward were recruited over a three-month period to evaluate the clinicial effectiveness of the Repose heel protector (measured by a reduction in heel pressure ulcer incidence) and its ease of use (as assessed by an evaluation form). In the other centre, the Repose mattress overlay was evaluated throughout a hospital to establish its clinical efficacy (measured by reduction in pressure ulcer prevalence), its performance and cost benefits compared to the existing bed lease scheme.

Results: Use of the Repose heel protector reduced the incidence of heel pressure ulceration from 17% to 0%, while the use of the mattress overlay reduced prevalence from 7% to 2–3%. The majority of staff found both products easy to use, with the main criticism levelled at its repackaging once used. Use of the products conferred significant cost benefits.

Conclusion: Both hospitals involved in the evaluation now have Repose included in their best practice guidelines. Declaration of interest: None.