Journal articlesTrauma-free fingertip dressing changes

Trauma-free fingertip dressing changes

01/03/13 | Articles, Products, Research | Linda Rafter, Eddie Oforka

Trauma-free fingertip dressing changesThis article reviews the literature on fingertip injuries, physiology of pain management and assessment of these injuries. It also examines the results of an evaluation focussing on the use of the PolyMem® finger/toe dressing (Ferris Mfg Corp) for wound healing by secondary intention. The dressing provides a mild, non-toxic cleansing agent that is activated by exudate, helping to debride necrotic tissue and support autolytic debridement. The audit was undertaken in a medium-sized accident and emergency department at a general hospital. It isthe intention of the authorsthat the result of their evaluations be used in informing clinicians about the product’s performance on a group of patients presenting with fingertip injuries.