Journal articlesThe role of innovation in heel pressure ulcer prevention

The role of innovation in heel pressure ulcer prevention

04/11/15 | Pressure Ulcers | Duncan Stang, Anna Ballard-Wilson

The scale and the cost of pressure ulcers (PUs) means that prevention has become a key quality of care indicator in the UK, with a zero tolerance approach adopted by the NHS. This places increased pressures on clinicians to implement PU prevention strategies that aim to reduce the number of avoidable PUs. However the provision of high-quality care is often challenged by financial and time constraints, as well as access to and selection of the right pressure-redistributing equipment. The recent recommendations for PU prevention from NICE (2014a) include methods for identification and risk assessment and the appropriate preventative measures that should be applied. Innovation in product design, along with the adoption of standard protocols, can play a key role in helping clinicians deliver these recommendations, ensuring high standards of care.