Journal articlesThe challenge of skin tears and lacerations in an emergency environment

The challenge of skin tears and lacerations in an emergency environment

16/09/14 | Acute wounds, Articles, Products, Skin integrity | Sharon Dawn Bateman

Acute traumatic skin injuries are increasing in both acute and community settings. Multiple comorbidities, complex medication regimens and increasing age, all contribute to the risk of their occurrence (Bateman, 2012). Damage to the skin and underlying tissues poses an increasing challenge to the clinician due to ever reducing wound care resources and financial budgets, which in turn can have an detrimental effect on the patient and carer through increased pain, scarring and overall reduction of quality of life (Gardner, 2010). Effective and timely assessment and management, including accurate documentation and utilisation of the appropriate dressing products is paramount to reduce further tissue damage and risk of infection, improving the wound bed environment to ensure effective healing can occur (Stephen-Haynes and Carville, 2011). This product review evaluates ten patients who presented to an NHS nurse-led minor injuries unit within Wales with acute or chronic skin tears. It explores the benefits of Cutimed® Siltec non-bordered foam (with a non-adhesive silicone wound contact layer)with set outcomes pertaining to ease of product use, non-adherence to the fragile wound bed, atraumatic removal, wear time, absorbency and patient satisfaction.