Journal articlesSilver Sulphadiazine: a review of the evidence

Silver Sulphadiazine: a review of the evidence

01/08/05 | Education, Products | Richard White, Rose Cooper

This review provides a summary of the literature on the antimicrobial and clinical effects of silver sulphadiazine, and, on emerging patterns of resistance. This will, by nature of the two components, require separate focus on both silver and on the sulphonamide sulphadiazine. Silver has become a popular ingredient in wound dressings. Silver sulphadiazine has a novel use as a coating for various catheters and endotracheal tubes. The evidence points to silver sulphadiazine being a valuable topical agent in the treatment of burns and of lesser value in numerous other applications. It is silver that has emerged as the antimicrobial of greatest current interest.