Journal articlesService development initiative to create an expert lower-limb group

Service development initiative to create an expert lower-limb group

27/09/16 | Leg Ulcers, Service delivery | Rebecca Elwell

Following on from the successful set-up of a Red Leg Service in 2012, a team of expert clinicians was asked to develop an expert lower-limb group. Work streams were developed for cellulitis, deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) and leg ulceration, with the aim to ensure a smooth patient journey for each condition using an integrated approach. Each work stream was discussed and developed by the stakeholders. Omissions in the patient pathway and problems were identified, and solutions suggested. The work streams for cellulitis and DVT have largely been agreed but will continually be monitored by group members and prospective audit. For leg ulceration, a mapping event was required and the development of a new model of care. The leg ulceration pathway is in the pilot stage, with steps being taken to underpin knowledge across the Trust before a full rollout. The development of an expert lower-limb group has been instrumental in improving patient experience. Gaps in service provision have been highlighted and solutions generated.