Journal articlesPilot study into the efficacy of film barrier skin care products

Pilot study into the efficacy of film barrier skin care products

01/11/12 | Products, Skin integrity | Peter Dykes, Richard Goodwin, Victoria Rosslee

Skin damage caused by excessive moisture either from perspiration, ostomy sites, wound exudate, urine and or faeces can cause significant suffering for patients. Part of the treatment protocol for patients at risk of moisture-related skin damage includes the use of barrier films. However, there is little evidence on the durability and effectiveness of this product range. This study examined the protective effect of a selection of film products in 11 subjects. The results show that the application of barrier films has a protective effect in delaying the removal of stained stratum corneum. Both Derma-S Barrier Film (Medicareplus International) and 3M™ Cavilon™ Barrier Film (3M) demonstrated their ability to retain stained stratum corneum. However, statistical analysis indicated that there is no difference in the protective effect of Derma-S Barrier Film and 3M Cavilon Barrier Film, and that both products were effective at providing suitable barrier protection.