Journal articlesNon-comparative in-market evaluation of ALLEVYN Gentle

Non-comparative in-market evaluation of ALLEVYN Gentle

01/03/10 | Products | Kathy Leak, Annie Jones, Sarah Brown

Aims: To assess the performance of ALLEVYN. Gentle in the management of a variety of wounds including venous, mixed arterial and diabetic foot ulcers. The primary objective was overall clinical acceptability for its indicated uses.

Methods: A multicentre clinical evaluation conducted in 2008.

Results: 56 adult patients from five countries were included in the evaluation. Venous leg ulcers were the most commonly treated wounds (18/56, 32%). Median baseline reference wound area was 7.6cm2, and median depth was 0.3cm. In 95% (52/56) of patients, clinicians reported that the dressing was acceptable for the indication treated. At final assessment, significant evidence reduction in wound area and depth was reported (p<0.001). Mean wear time was 3.3 days. Mean material cost per week was ’6.68. No pain at dressing removal was reported for 87% of removals.

Conclusions: The overall results from the study support the use of the dressing in clinical practice. The new soft gel adhesive hydrocellular foam dressing was effective in improving wound outcomes in conjunction with routine clinical practice.

Conflict of interest: This study was carried out by Smith & Nephew as part of an in-market evaluation.