01/11/12 | Diabetic foot ulcers, Education, Pressure Ulcers, Products, Service delivery | Wounds UK


  • Pressure ulcer survey seeks treatment opinions
  • NICE recommends trial for promising wound-healing device
  • Diabetic foot ulcers increase risk of mortality
  • NICE releases guidelines for treating lower limb disease
  • Podiatrists in the UK may acquire prescribing rights
  • Documentary series focuses on prosthetic face surgery
  • Oestrogen treatment aimed at older wound care patients
  • Wound care now normal for family caregivers
  • New tool to assess skin in hospitals
  • SNaP® Wound Care System now on UK Drug Tariff
  • Free prosthesis trial for Paralympicinspired amputees
  • Huddersfield University offers wound courses
  • ‘Controlling exudate and promoting healing of a chronic wound’: correction