Journal articlesNew vice chairman welcomed and WUWHS Congress report

New vice chairman welcomed and WUWHS Congress report

09/11/16 | Articles, Research, Societies | Ellie Lindsay

The Board of the Lindsay Leg Club® Foundation (LLCF) is delighted to announce that Dr David Foster has been elected its vice chairman, with effect from September 2016, and chairman elect, succeeding current chairman Roland Renyi in 2017. A highly regarded and nationally influential nurse and midwife, David has been associated with the Foundation for a number of years. He took a particular interest in the LLCF’s work when he was Deputy Chief Nursing Officer at the Department of Health, and became a Foundation trustee 2 years ago after a visit to Mottingham Leg Club. David takes up his new role at a dynamic time for the LLCF, with an increasing number of GP-led Leg Clubs opening. He said: “I am delighted to be elected vice chair and chair elect of the Foundation. My association with the Foundation takes me back to my early days of nursing, when I first saw the debilitation leg ulcers can cause. Now I have seen how effective the social model of care the Foundation promotes can be on improving healing rates and diminishing the impact of social isolation.”