Journal articlesManaging an extravasation wound in a premature infant

Managing an extravasation wound in a premature infant

01/03/07 | Products | Corene Tobin

This case study illustrates the challenges of nursing a premature infant with an extravasation injury. The use of ActiFormCool and ActiWrap provided an effective solution to these clinical challenges. ActiWrap together with systemic antibiotics were successful in promoting rapid wound healing. ActiFormCool and ActiWrap facilitated atraumatic dressing changes. The use of ActiWrap as a supportive bandage ensured secure placement of the primary dressing which facilitated confident handling by the baby’s parents during breastfeeding and nappy changes. Both dressings are user-friendly and made it easy for parents to carry out dressing changes which was particularly important when the baby was discharged from hospital. Both dressings have great potential for neonatal wound management.