Journal articlesLower limb cellulitis: a dermatological perspective

Lower limb cellulitis: a dermatological perspective

01/06/09 | Assessment and diagnosis | Carrie Wingfield

Skin disease such as venous eczema and tinea pedis are often overlooked as primary causes of lower limb cellulitis. This article will look at the management of these two common skin conditions as well as the diagnosis and management of lower limb cellulitis. Kilburn et al (2003) acknowledge that the treatment of cellulitis is multiciplinary stating that no one speciality can claim the condition as their field and the Clinical Resource Efficiency Support Team (CREST, 2005) recommend that key staff in an integrated cellulitis pathway should include dermatologists. The article will give details of a dermatologyled lower-limb cellulitis service which demonstrates a best practice initiative which avoids unecessary hospitalisation, incorrect diagnoses and also helps to reduce the risk of recurrent cellulitis.