Journal articlesInvigorating discussions prompting quiet reflections and effective actions

Invigorating discussions prompting quiet reflections and effective actions

06/07/16 | Events, Professional Development | Jacqui Fletcher

I have been very fortunate to attend two international meetings in the last 2 weeks, both of which have given me plenty to think about. At the first, I was surprised to hear that the World Health Organization (WHO) are producing guidelines on managing surgical incisions, which are due to be published on 1st September. How did I have no idea they were doing this? In fairness, surgical wounds are not my first love, but still I am impressed that the WHO are doing something that relates to our practice. The second meeting was smaller — but much more up my street — focusing on pressure ulcer (PU) prevention. It was great to have detailed conversations with an equally PU enthusiastic group of colleagues from around the world (and it came as no surprise that they are facing many of the same challenges as we are in the UK). The discussions ranged from myriad topics such as risk assessment tools, costs of prevention, psychological care of patients with PUs, and managing heel ulcers, to the role bed frames play in causation — my favourite irritation.