Journal articlesIntroducing a range of innovative community mattress designs

Introducing a range of innovative community mattress designs

18/09/12 | Products, Wellbeing and concordance | Gary Baker

Independent living is a goal that those with physical impairment strive to achieve. However, for many, the threat of pressure-related tissue damage can be a disabling limitation. A number of devices have been marketed for use in the community but many of these retain their 'medicalised' features, making them less attractive for clients living independently in the community and resulting in non-concordance with pressure-relieving interventions. In this article, the author will look at two pressure-relieving devices for use in the home environment and when travelling, which have been developed by one UK manufacturer through interaction with service users. This user involvement identified that although the medical benefits of any pressure-relieving device are important, of equal importance are design features that make products easy to operate and which enhance product aesthetics.