Journal articlesIgnoring lower limb oedema will lead to ineffective care

Ignoring lower limb oedema will lead to ineffective care

01/09/08 | Service delivery | Alison Hopkins

It can’t be good for me, and maybe I am becoming slightly obsessive, but the lack of attention paid to tissue oedema is really beginning to irritate. At conferences, for example, when infection or exudate management is discussed in relation to lower limb ulcers, I am struck how the obvious conclusions are so often missed. I find myself looking around to see if anyone else is going to pipe up and mention it. Thankfully, from correspondence and discussion with colleagues, I know I am not alone and that others are also trying to state the obvious, which is simply this — that uncontrolled oedema is a major contributor to non-healing lower limb ulcers, whatever their aetiology.