Journal articlesHydrocolloid particles and petroleum jelly containing wound contact layer

Hydrocolloid particles and petroleum jelly containing wound contact layer

15/09/17 | Products | Claas Roes, Abel Martin, Andriessen Anneke

For the management of wounds with no or low levels of exudate wound contact layers may be used. When combined with an absorbent dressing these dressings are also appropriate for use in moderate to highly exuding wounds. A wound contact layer that contains hydrocolloid particles and petroleum jelly coated onto a mesh was evaluated and compared to itself in a blinded-user test. Each dressing was split into two parts and then marked with four different colour tags. Usability (packaging, application, aseptic handling of the dressing, ease of dressing removal, conformability, flexibility, possibility to cut to size, adherence to the wound bed) and user acceptance (haptic, optic, easy to use) scored very good/good. There was no difference noted between the products tested. Although the features of the dressing that were evaluated were clinically relevant, the results need to be confirmed in actual wound management.